What Can I Feed Mr. Murph?

  • Mr Murph Approved
  • NOT Mr Murph Approved

Please place lids or caps on plastic bottles or containers before placing in recycle bin. Please do not place plastic containers containing petroleum-based products in recycle bin. Please no plastic bags or glass of any kind.

When in doubt, check it out! Please call us at (918) 446-0023.

Thank you for feeding Mr. Murph!

  • Plastics

    #1 PET, #2 HDPE and #5 PP

  • Cardboard

    No wax or plastic coated boxes.

  • Paper

    any type of paper, newsprint, office paper, magazines, greeting cards, cereal boxes, etc.

  • Steel Cans

    Includes Aerosol Cans

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Plastic swimming pools, bags, or hoses.

    Swimming Pools, Plastic Bags, Garden Hoses, or Rope/Cable (anything that is stringy or can wrap) please do not place in bin.

  • Plastic Bags

  • Bikes

  • Satellite Dish

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Tires

  • Clothing

  • Furniture

  • Wood

  • Household Pollutants

For E-Certified Electronic Recycling locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma please visit. www.NaturalEvolution.com 

Natural Evolution is the only “E-Certified” e-waste provider in the State of Oklahoma. The M.e.t. partners with Natural Evolution to provide covenant drop-off sites in Tulsa for e-waste disposal. Natural Evolution does not resale electronics, which is important when it comes to protecting your identity for electronics such as computers.