The Story of Mr. Murph

The nickname Murph comes from the name Material Recovery Facility (MRF) —what we call our new facility here at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer.

Mr. Murph was specifically designed to reclaim recyclables by sorting through the entire waste stream and reduce the impact of trash on the overall environment. We’re happy to say…he’s the very first of his kind in Oklahoma.

A key part of what makes Mr. Murph so special is his automation. The recovery process starts when mixed recyclables are dumped onto his conveyor belts and then taken through a series of manual and mechanical stages that separate valuable recyclables from residual material.

Products, such as metal, plastic, paper and cardboard, are then bailed and transferred to be recycled and reused to make products and energy. The rest is taken to the landfill for disposal. But the story doesn’t end there… Once the residual waste is placed into the landfill it begins decomposing which creates methane gas. The gas is collected and used to create electricity.

We believe Mr. Murph is one of the most innovative machines created to tackle our growing waste problems. We know by recycling valuable materials and reusing them in the manufacturing process, we’re creating a cleaner environment for Tulsa for generations to come.

1.  How is Mr. Murph different from traditional recycling?

It’s all about the automation. Technology advances allow us to separate valuable recyclables in stages with the use of conveyor belts, high powered magnets, optical sorters and some other really cool mechanical devices. We’ve gone from a 15% recovery rate through manual sorting to up to 95% with our automated Mr. Murph. Talk about progress!!

2.  How does Mr. Murph benefit families and businesses?

Mr. Murph makes recycling easier for families and businesses. Instead of separating recyclables, people can rest assured TRT is working hard sorting their recyclables to create new products and energy. So Mr. Murph is recycling even when you can’t. That’s why it is so important that your business use a collection company that takes your recyclables to Mr. Murph. Otherwise, all those recyclables just get buried in a landfill.

3.  How does Mr. Murph benefit the community?

Recycling moves waste away from our landfill and even helps reduce the number of pollutants.  Did you know…for every one ton of paper that is recycled, we save 15 trees from being chopped down?  Pretty cool, huh? Here’s another fun fact: the energy saved from recycling one glass bottle can light a bulb for 4 hours! Now, there’s a bright idea!