PLEASE READ: Thank you for being a Mr. Murph recycler. This location page shows all “public use” recycling bins. Public use bins have been requested or approved by our sponsors for use to the general public.

Recycle bins you see on your commute to work or while running errands, not on the locations map are “private use” recycle bins.

Please only use recycle bins displayed on the map below. 

Mr. Murph knows your time is valuable and he wants to make recycling fast and convenient for you. That’s why Mr. Murph has recycling bins accessible throughout Green County 24/7. Find the recycle bin closest to you and help feed Mr. Murph!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do Not Place Any Item Generated From The Garage, Shed or Yard In the Recycling Bin.

  • Paper –If it tears, recycle it!
  • Cardboard – Brown, White or Glossy Boxes – No wax or plastic coated boxes
  • Plastics – Rigid Bottles and Containers generated from the Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom. Place Caps and Lids back on Bottles and Containers. Please NO Plastic Bags or Styrofoam of any kind
  • Paper Food / Beverage Cartons – Empty, Rinse and Replace Cap. No Foil or Pouch Packs
  • Aluminum Cans – Carbonated or Non-Carbonated Beverage Cans – No aluminum foil, pans or trays of any kind
  • Steel Cans / Aerosol Cans – Generated from the Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom. No aerosol cans from the Garage or Shed
  • Get Holiday recycling tips here
Center map

Check out our map for a list of all Mr. Murph locations around Green Country. And, check out Mr. Murph in action at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer located at:

1150 N Peoria Ave 
Tulsa, OK 74106
Our number here is (918) 583-3867