Mr. Murph knows your time is valuable and he wants to make recycling fast and convenient for you. That’s way Mr. Murph has recycling bins accessible throughout Green County 24/7. Find the recycle bin closest to you and help feed Mr. Murph!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do Not Place Any Item Generated From The Garage, Shed or Yard In the Recycling Bin.

  • Paper –If it tears, recycle it!
  • Cardboard – Brown, White or Glossy Boxes – No wax or plastic coated boxes
  • Plastics – Rigid Bottles and Containers generated from the Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom. Place Caps and Lids back on Bottles and Containers. Please NO Plastic Bags or Styrofoam of any kind
  • Paper Food / Beverage Cartons – Empty, Rinse and Replace Cap. No Foil or Pouch Packs
  • Aluminum Cans – Carbonated or Non-Carbonated Beverage Cans – No aluminum foil, pans or trays of any kind
  • Steel Cans / Aerosol Cans – Generated from the Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom. No aerosol cans from the Garage or Shed

Check out our map for a list of all Mr. Murph locations around Green Country. And, check out Mr. Murph in action at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer located at:

1150 N Peoria Ave 
Tulsa, OK 74106
Our number here is (918) 583-3867