The Mr. Murph Difference

Remember those days of separating out plastics, aluminum, paper, and cardboard into bin after bin–taking up space in your garage or business?

Mr. Murph helps solve that problem. He allows us to take the work out of YOUR end (the consumer) and puts it on OUR end (the business). We do the sorting for you.

Businesses all over Tulsa can order a Mr. Murph bin to collect co-mingled recyclables. Co-mingled! That means YOU don’t have to sort them. We do! And, you don’t even have to change your current waste management company.

Mr. Murph is great at making friends; he just sits down right next to your existing container. Put your regular waste in your current provider’s receptacle and feed Mr. Murph all of your plastics, aluminum, steel, paper, and cardboard—no more separating.

Not only does Mr. Murph eat up your co-mingled recyclables, he is helping generate electricity at our Waste to Energy Landfill that powers homes every day from the garbage you generate! He’s a pretty great guy, working hard to keep Green Country…well, Green.

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